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Default Grid Connection Episode Discussion

Here’s the discussion thread for this episode
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Default Re: Grid Connection Episode Discussion

I saw the episode on Saturday. It was an alright episode. It was no big deal. Goldar and Snide was easily killed in this one. We may have seen Jason, but we didn't see the true faces of the Black Morphing, Blue Morphing, Yellow Morphing, Pink Morphing, Red Dino Thunder, Blue Dino Thunder, Yellow Dino Thunder, Green Dino Charge, and Pink Dino Charge Rangers. At least, we might saw the last of Keeper for a while.
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Default Re: Grid Connection Episode Discussion

I saw the episode months ago on a streaming site that has PR episodes. It was an OK episode, however, they should have re-made the original Goldar suit and just re-film parts of Sentai footage used in the fight. I'm fine with Goldar's new voice.

It was nice to see Jason back in the suit. The only thing that was missing was the new morphing sequence that they did for Geki in the Sentai version of the team-up. As for not seeing the character's true faces, it's clear theat they couldn't get their actors back to reprise their roles in person. But I do have a theory who are the other MM Rangers in the episode: if it's Jason in the Red Ranger suit, that it's the original 5 under the rest of the suits. It would make sense since spliced SD footages for the Megazord cockpits were used and we know that Rocky, Adam and Aisha never even boarded the original Dino Megazord. We know that Rocky was Red MM in "Dimensions in Danger" and since he did his Ape Ninjazord pose during the roll call, it's safe to assume that if Rocky would be the Red MM, then Adam and Aisha would be Black and Yellow, Billy would still be Blue and either Kimberly or Kat would be Pink. Besides, this was a fan-serviced Dino Ranger war. Rocky, Adam and Aisha got their own true character development in S3. For DT team, there can't be anyone else under those suits except Conner, Kira and Ethan.

I liked seeing both Dino and Thundersaurus Megazords back in action. I guess Time Force really had its hands busy bringing old Zords back to life. Unless someone tapped into the Morphin Grid and it restored those Zords/Megazords. Which wouldn't surprise me because of what happened at the end of BM's finale.
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