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Hexagon Ranger
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Default Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG

Scott started freaking out like he did back in the Command Center. He gave Goldar a karate chop.
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Cosmic Ranger
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Default Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG

Goldar took the chop and almost lost his balance.

"You will pay for that human!"

Goldar struck Goldar back harder and blasted hom with energy from his sword. Csusing the Red Ranger to fall to the ground.

"You're not the only one with special powers. But mine our stronger becausethey come fro Queen Rita. A Dark Monarch of the Dark Power. "

Meanwhile at the Command Center , alarms Glared.

"Ayi,Ayi Zordon...Scott is under attack by a Morphological Being. And it looks like he is over matched. "

" Yes Alpha. It appears Rita has already morphed an innocent human into one of her minion. Rangers I know you have more questions. But Scott is another recent recruit that needs you help. Alpha will give you your communicators and teleport you to help Scott. Use the names of your Dinosaur Spirits to morph. And remember the Power will protect you! "

Alpha gave the bewildered tees their communicators and teleported them straight to the battle scene.

"Ayi,Ayi Zordon, do you think there ready."

" The power coins chose them for a reason. We must have faith in them and that the power will protect them".
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Green With Envy
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Default Re: Power Rangers Morphing Force RPG

Billy was in the park getting dissed by a couple of popular girls that he was trying to impress. He bought a hot dog and sat at the bench , wondering why he had to mentiom his interest in ants.

Somers than can't believe his eyes as he sees a monster battling spandex clad heroes. Fear gripped his mind as he started to run for it. He tripped and fell to the ground. His hot dog laid on the ground and changed into a strange gold coin.

Billy quickly got up to run again but noticed the coin. He couldn't help but to pick it up on. As he did he felt a rush of power and confidence. Instead of fear he was compelled to fight the monster. He ran towards the battle scene half wondering if he just lost his mind.
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