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Karone White Tiger
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Default Re: is it me or do all the female PR's get hypnotized?

It's just you otherwise every girl would be hypnotized (or brainwashed or something of the variation.)
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Default Re: is it me or do all the female PR's get hypnotized?

in fact let's go with it season-by-season shall we?

MMPR = Trini was never hypnotized but Kimberly was.
Aisha and Delphine never were but Kat was prior to becoming a Ranger.

Zeo = Tanya was but not an evil spell just a singing spell.
Turbo = Cassie wasn't. Ashley wasn't.
Galaxy = Kendrix wasn't. Maya wasn't. Karone was only hypnotized when she was Astronema, she was never hypnotized as a Ranger.

No Rangers in Lightspeed were hypnotized.
Jen was hypnotized but Katie wasn't.

None of the girls in Wild Force were hypnotized/brainwashed.

Tori was hypnotized, so was Kira.
Same with Syd but Z wasn't and neither was Kat Manx.
Vida was but Maddie wasn't. Udonna wasn't.
I don't recall anyone being hypnotized in Overdrive but Lily was hypnotized in Jungle Fury.
No one was hypnotized in RPM and same goes with Samurai.
and same goes for Megaforce and I think Shelby was hypnotized in Dino Charge but I don't recall Hayley or Sarah being hypnotized
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